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Holy Smokes! Lynn Cullen

Gail and Rusty

Ali and Czarina

Samara on Honey

Sian’s Babe

Cindy's Golden Dancer

Nikita and "Cleo"

Terra's Jackie

Diana's Chloe


Haven Acre's Canadian "Eve"

Tim & Kari riding Cricket & Esther

Andrew & Tia

Marissa and Cloie

Michelle and Dream


Tina's Connemara ponies

Queen and Minstrel

Connemara Queen


Canadiane Juanita "Dixie"

Sunny and Ty


Mr. Sizzle Bar

Shannon's Kayline

Sophie bowing

(welsh section B pony)

Emelia and Firefly

Emma and Josh

Lacey and Tia

Cary and Tia