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Page 11

Kelsey and Boots

Ben and Fuel

Colleen and Jake

Anne-Marie and Amber

Tammy's "boys" from Smithers

Tammy's Dancer

Tayler & Secret Angel

Island Horses Home

Amanda Zinger

Norfleets Blue

lex and Malibu

Nadyne and Kintyr

Robyn's "Target"

Annette Marin

Touchs Image

Dianne's "Johnny"

VI Ex. Canadian Show

from K Gourley

Tanya's Domingo

Kayla and Satori

Joann & Limited Edition

Alicia and Amir

Terra & Jackie

Sherry L

Sherri L with Sally
& Bismark (Canadian)

Sherry's chestnut
Canadian Kiwi

Merissa and "Kailey"

(Sucha Smooth Skip)