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Page 18

Chanyce's Mister

Madi & Sapphire

Brent Wilson and

Ashley's baby Kane

Laura and Norm

Trenna and Ruger
sharing ice cream on a hot day

Angel and Prince Charmiing

Dallas and Sugar

Betts eating
her birthday cake

Erin's Harley

Tamara's Jethro

Sidney and Lightning

Ashley with
 Sierras Justa Rockin

Colton, Mom & Sparky

Molly and Toby

Kayla and Amber

Jack Caylee and baby

Mariah's George

Charlotte, Miss Sara
and Emily

Stefanie and Magic

Katlyn's Dixie

Rhianna and Jake

Tamara's Ceasar

Trenna and Marty

Merlen with Spots

Nigel on Willie

Rip Doll

Madi’s Little Bud Lite

Colby and Sheridan

Dixie Lee

Sienna and Sugar

Madi and her little Buddy!

Chelsea's Frankee

Ravenswood Farm

Katlyn's Dyler