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Tanya and Domingo

Cheyenne and Baylee

Fun in the sun

Merissa's Sucha Smooth Skip

Brianne & Pepsi

Cash Cassie & Pepsi

Kalila Roze

Riser loved by Kayla

Norma's Emma

Kayla and Lexington

Erin's Luv Being Dun

GG Colour MY World

Anne-Marie and Molly

Cob Hill's Carbon Copy

Rocket in the snow

Courtney and Sisco

Ravenswood's "Della"


Isabelle’s Sherocko

Sherry's Bailey

Maddie and Janet

Penny's Dyler

Noelle's Warden


Happy as always
in Sunny Alberta

Andrea's Eli

Baylee and Cheyenne

Can you come out and play?


Ashley and Madonna

Katie's Margarita

Marley's Sunny

Heather and Jay

Taylor and Countess