Starling Lane Stables in Victoria
Horse Board Available Nov 1st

I am looking for a dressage rider and horse to join our group of 4 at Starling Lane Stables.  We are a very intimate group that enjoys camaraderie with like-minded individuals who have an interest in training and competition. Bring your own coach. 

I offer organic, tested low-sugar Alberta hay, that is stuffed 4 times a day into feeding nets to provide slow grazing. Horses are trained to come into paddock at feed time and leave to enjoy dry lot socializing between feeds.  For horses that tolerate grass turnout, summer field grazing is offered. A full sized 60x20 dressage outdoor ring with night lights is available, along with immediate access to elk lake for hacking. Full blanket service is included. Horses are turned in each night at 7pm, and turned out at 6:30 am. $630.00/month, tax included.

Please contact me by phone at 250-661-7117 or

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